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13 February 2013

Mutual Recognition of audits expands

Mutual Recognition of each others' supplier audits, so that "an audit for one is an audit for all", is expanding rapidly among AIM-PROGRESS members. 24 companies are now sharing a base of 9,300 records of audited suppliers who they can seek permission from to get access to their audits instead of duplicating the procedure. This saves roughly 2500 Euros per audit, as well as time and resources. For more information on how Mutual Recognition works please check out the relevant webpage.






04 February 2013

GSCP releases new reference tool on supply chain social performance management

The GSCP has just published the GSCP Reference tool on Supply Chain Social Performance Management Systems.

This Reference tool has been developed by and for retailers and brands to support buying organisations in monitoring and improving social compliance performance throughout their supply chains.

You can access the GSCP Reference tool on Supply Chain Social Performance Management Systems here.

This practical tool, used in combination with the other GSCP Reference tools on social compliance (Reference Code, Social Audit Process and Methodology, Auditing Competence), offers a coherent framework for global buyers to develop and/or assess their own strategy and activities to ensure they efficiently contribute to sustainable supply chains.

Please feel free to share this tool among your contacts (this is an open source document, like the other GSCP Reference tools), as appropriate.





18 January 2013

OECD Guideslines added to the ITC Standards Map

The International Trade Centre (ITC), a joint organization of the United Nations and World Trade Organization Geneva, Switzerland, aims to help businesses become more competitive in global markets, speeding economic development and contributing to sustainable development. 


As part of this goal, ITC has developed a web platform called Standards Map that provides comprehensive and comparable information on sustainability standards and audit protocols, with the aim to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters and buyers to participate in more sustainable production and trade.


The addition of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises will help suppliers to better understand how to utilize these Guidelines.





16 January 2013

EU releases guidance on Human Rights in Small- and Medium-sized Businesses

The newly released guide, which the EU Commission published under its CSR policy actions, translates the UN Ruggie Principles into the context of European SMEs. It explains why it is important for SMEs to respect human rights, what they are and why their respect sometimes means going beyond mere legal compliance. It introduces six basic steps to expected of SMEs according to the UN Guiding Principles. The document also illustrates business situations which may carry a risk of human rights abuse and carries a list of all human rights and the potential negative impact of business on each one of them, as well as a list of relevant references. One of the co-authors of the report is Sune Skadegaard Thorsen of Global CSR, who also sits on the AIM-PROGRESS Advisory Board. You can access the report in the Human Rights section of this website.





19 November 2012

AIM-PROGRESS holds Responsible Sourcing Forum in Singapore

On 7 November 2012, Givaudan and The Hershey Company hosted the first  AIM-PROGRESS Responsible Sourcing Forum in Singapore to promote responsible sourcing standards in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) supply chains.


Approximately 100 representatives from over 60 food and beverage suppliers and manufactures came together to share best practices and to agree on common evaluation methods to improve performance, showing that responsible sourcing continues to gain traction in the Asian market.


Presentations and materials are available from the dedicated Singapore event web page.





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