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03 February 2014

BSCI - New Code of Conduct

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) has revised its Code of Conduct following an extensive consultation process that lasted a year and gained feedback from hundreds of stakeholders. The new code firmly acknowledges the crucial importance of responsible entrepreneurship to the supply chain and also strengthens dialogue between businesses and stakeholders.


As well as building on the 11 core principles of the code, making them more precise and ambitious, the revision has included two additional principles: 



For more information on these changes and for a full information pack please click here.





13 January 2014

AIM-PROGRESS preparing to tackle new strategic drivers

Happy New Year to our responsible sourcing community and interested readers!

As we prepare to tackle our new strategy drivers, in particular how to ensure compliance and even go beyond it, we can look back to a number of achievements, highlights including:

Looking forward to 2014 and beyond, themes for us will include:


Our first membership meeting of 2014 will be held in Miami, preceded by what promises to be our biggest supplier event to date.





19 December 2013

GSCP update and 2013 recap

The GSCP looks back on a succesful year that has changed the landscape of CSR and put all actors of the industry in front of their respective responsibilities and – in some cases – failings. In the latest edition of their newsletter they cover important happenings as well as projects that continue to be developed. This includes:

To see all of these topics in more detail and a fascinating infogrpahic of the GSCP's 2013 achievements please click here. 





18 December 2013

AIM-PROGRESS member Nestlé, releases white paper on Human Rights

Nestlé has become the first major multi-national company to report publicly on its human rights impacts across seven countries, and what it is doing to address them. The paper, launched at the Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva in early December 2013, focuses on actions Nestlé has taken to improve its human rights performance at both country operations and corporate level.


“This is a breakthrough in the field of human rights and business. By sharing the lessons we have learnt we hope to move practice forward.”


Explained Allan Lerberg Jorgensen, Director for Human Rights and Business, Danish Institute for Human Rights who partnered Nestlé in this report.


Please click here to view the report.






05 December 2013

AIM-PROGRESS strengthens membership criteria

As AIM-PROGRESS continues to mature, the mission to enable and promote responsible sourcing practices and sustainable production systems stays the same. The level of commitment however is something that continues to rise. With this, the membership body has taken the opportunity to strengthen the membership criteria by which they all abide and new member applicants are judged. This includes requiring all members to;

  1. attend at least one general membership meeting per year
  2. participate in the annual Responsible Sourcing Practices membership survey
  3. participate in the requirements of Mutual Recognition within 12 months of joining AIM-PROGRESS
  4. agree to (co)host at least one membership or supplier event every three years.

The pro-active approach of AIM-PROGRESS members in strengthening these criteria demonstrates the commitment to growing responsible sourcing practices and the leadership position the members of this group hold in the responsible sourcing sector. To see the revised membership criteria, click here.






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