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18 July 2013

GSCP and UNIDO launch Capability Building Partnership

GSCP and UNIDO are collaborating to develop REAP+, an initaitive that aims to build capacity within clusters of suppliers in different regions and sectors by focusing on training and mentoring on social, ethical and environmental aspects while also enhancing productivity.


It is hoped that REAP+ will build sustainable practices worldwide and increase market access of small and medium suppliers in global supply chains. The piloting and roll-out out this programme will be open to companies and initiatives outside of GSCP membership. More information.





16 July 2013

Global Sourcing guidelines for pulp, paper and packaging

The Consumer Goods Forum, a global parity platform of retailers and manufacturers, have released  Pulp, Paper and Packaging Guidelines.  They are intended to assist companies in the development of their own policies for sourcing pulp, paper and packaging and were developed by retailers and manufacturers from within the CGF membership.

As part of the development, the working group of CGF companies benchmarked company sourcing practices, considered public procurement practices, engaged with certification organisations, several NGOs and suppliers for their input and feedback.  The Guidelines will serve as a supporting tool that will continue to be evaluated and updated as the pulp, paper and packaging landscape evolves.

The Guidelines were shared for the first time at the Tropical Forest Alliance Summit in Jakarta on 27th and 28th June 2013. They were very well received, with the Indonesian Government noting they serve as an important signal to the Indonesian market.

A series of webinars will be offered in July and September for CGF members for which interested companies can  register via the CGF Sustainability website.

Later in the year, the Working Group will also host a series of webinars on practical tools for implementing sourcing programs that achieve a low risk of controversial sources of deforestation in the supply chain.  These webinars will be announced via the CGF Knowledge Navigator portal.





16 July 2013

Transparency International release 2013 Global Corruption Barometer

Transparency International has released the latest version of the Global Corruption Barometer 2013. The report is the biggest ever survey and tracks world-wide public opinion on corruption. This year the report has found that over half of people who took part felt that corruption has increased over the last two years.


The report provides companies with a useful tool to better understand issues of corruption around the world.





04 July 2013

BSCI Call for Input on Code

BSCI is calling for feedback from stakeholders on their Code of Conduct, the review considers the latest international texts and declarations. BSCI would like to use this revision process as an opportunity to provide a Code that is stable and aspirational that can be used by organisations in the coming ten years.


An internal consultation has been carried out with BSCI participants and the Stakeholder Council. BSCI would now like to invite other stakeholders and interested parties to provide feedback on the current draft of the Code.


The consultation process will be open until 13 September 2013.

Click here to read more on the revision process and to provide your feedback.






01 July 2013

SAI Platform: Summer 2013 Newsletter

SAI Platform have recently released their Summer 2013 Newsletter which includes a new definition for sustainable agriculture; progress on the Farmer Self Assessment Checklist; updates from SAI Plaform working groups and much here to read more.





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