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13 April 2016

AIM-PROGRESS welcomes Bel Group to the membership

AIM-PROGRESS is pleased to announce that Bel Group has joined its membership. Bel is an international cheesemaker, based in France, specialised in processed and semi-processed cheeses, in particular single-serving portions. Bel serves 400 million consumers in 130 countries around the globe. Bel is also an actively engaged company with corporate responsibility going beyond the doorstep of its plants given that its business also impacts the environment and local communities. The engagement in AIM-PROGRESS is a logical step for a company with an established responsible sourcing programme.




07 April 2016

AIM-PROGRESS releases UNGPs training deck


The UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights (UNGPs) have triggered a change in perspective on how companies need to address supply chain risks. It is no longer just about impact of business on stakeholders with a focus on labor rights or the environment, but impact on everyone in the supply chain, especially vulnerable people or “rights-holders”. This includes looking at issues such as land, property, water or privacy rights, and meaningful engagement with groups affected by the business activities.


Companies need to alter their approach to responsible sourcing and what they expect of their supply chain partners. To help its members become more knowledgeable in implementing the UNGPs, AIM-PROGRESS organised two face-to-face training workshops together with human rights consulting firm TwentyFifty in 2015, and is now releasing an interactive training deck for companies to use internally and with their suppliers.


The deck is available for AIM-PROGRESS members and can be downloaded from the member zone of the website, in the WS Human Rights section.




04 March 2016

AIM-PROGRESS collaborates with Sedex on responsible sourcing impact on workers

The mission of AIM-PROGRESS is to “positively impact people’s lives through our combined leadership of robust responsible sourcing practices throughout our supply chains”.

But how can this positive impact be measured? AIM-PROGRESS has launched a project, involving a number of companies under the leadership of Mars Inc., and with the support of Impactt Ltd, which has identified 13 key indicators relating to three key areas: 1) working conditions and rights; 2) job satisfaction; 3) quality of life.

AIM-PROGRESS has also teamed up with Sedex who are working on the same topic to avoid duplication and potential divergences. The proposed indicators are currently being reviewed and updated jointly. AIM-PROGRESS is now leading three pilot activities to answer the following questions: 1) How much of the data needed are we already capturing? One of the first sources being, of course, SMETA audits. 2) How much of the data can suppliers provide? 3) Are auditors able to provide the data?

The timeline for this project is to finalise the work during the second half of the year.




15 January 2016

Social sustainability - fighting forced labour

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)  announced an ambitious, new resolution to fight forced labour issues throughout global supply chains, launching a rallying call to the industry. With the complexity of global supply chains, CGF recognises that eradication of forced labour remains a key challenge. Driving this global collaboration would help address forced labour as one of the most pressing social issues of our time.


Successfully fighting forced labour requires collective corporate actions which go beyond traditional compliance approaches. The work achieved by multiple efforts to support increased harmonisation of supply chain practices will be instrumental in driving this necessary change. 


Next steps:




08 January 2016

SAI Platform newsletter January issue

Take a look at the latest newsletter released by our partner organisation SAI Platform.









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