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AIM-PROGRESS Newsletter – Q4 2016 - Issue #2


December 19, 02:12 PM

Mapping the haze of brands’ supply chains is a challenging undertaking. There is a growing number of service providers who are proposing to help companies address questions about where the ingredients of their products come from and how they are made; but what is the scope for joint action? On the technology front, if systems which are currently being used across the industry where able to talk to each other, thereby eliminating duplication, this would already be a worthwhile step forward. AIM-PROGRESS is following with interest the Consumer Goods Forum’s project on Supply Chain Transparency & Traceability which aims to build an Applications Programming Interface to accelerate the move towards open and interoperable systems.

In parallel, AIM-PROGRESS will encourage members to share best practice on how they are mapping their supply chains through member webinars and at meetings.


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