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Continuous improvement and capability building

The audit compliance process is only a starting point for performance management. It ensures that at a point in time all relevant laws are being complied with and other aspects of sustainable performance are being undertaken to basic minimum standards.


If this is just treated as a "tick-box" exercise to satisfy the customer, then it will be costly and time consuming for a supplier, yielding little benefit. However, those suppliers that view this as help to identify areas of performance improvement, through efficiency and worker motivation have found that the investment is repaid many times over.


Examples range from reduced costs of energy consumption or worker sick pay (through reduced workplace accidents) or labour (by changing from 2 shift systems with excessive working hours and expensive overtime to a 3 shift system) to improved productivity through greater employee motivation (from better working conditions to grievance procedures).


It takes the senior management to view this as help to find a way of better running their business, rather than a bureaucratic burden and once this ownership and commitment to continuous improvement occurs, then the change starts. 


NEW: To help suppliers with understanding and implementing responsible sourcing in view of continuous improvement, AIM-PROGRESS has released the Responsible Sourcing Journey (RSJ). This is a roadmap outlining an evolution path towards maturity on Responsible Sourcing (see file on the right).

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