AIM-PROGRESS - Program for responsible sourcing
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What is it about?

AIM-PROGRESS is focused on collaboration and best practice sharing. It is not about audit data sharing. For this purpose, AIM-PROGRESS members use specific data sharing platforms (“systems”), either external or internal. As it happens, about 70 % of AIM–PROGRESS members use the services of Sedex, a collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data. However, AIM-PROGRESS does not mandate its members to use any specific platform. Some FMCG manufacturers, for example, prefer to use Ecovadis.

How is it done?

AIM-PROGRESS focusses on the following areas:

1) “Systems benchmarking": an overview of existing data sharing platforms and their functionalities, is conducted at regular intervals by a neutral third. This helps members make informed decisions when they choose a platform.


2) Interoperability between data sharing platforms, so that mutual recognition of audits can take place, even if members are on different data sharing systems. This work will  be undertaken under the leadership of GSCP, along with system providers.


Watch a film AIM-PROGRESS made on the Systems work stream, to find out more information about their work:


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