AIM-PROGRESS 2011 Survey on Responsible Sourcing

AIM-PROGRESS have conducted their first internal responsible sourcing benchmark survey to help members understand how peer companies position responsible sourcing and to share best practices.


Questions cover company programme and structure for responsible sourcing, assessments and audit findings (generic), training and capacity building, impact evaluation, and external engagement. Members can use the results of the survey to identify improvement opportunities and set targets. AIM-PROGRESS will conduct the survey again in one year to identify trends and measure progress.


The encouraging results of the survey demonstrate that AIM-PROGRESS members have a strong, long-term commitment to responsible sourcing. Members predict that the scope of their programmes will increase between 2011 and 2012; risk analysis is used to determine the focus of their programmes. Responsible sourcing is being taken seriously by member companies with the person accountable for the programme being at least director level, and companies holding themselves to the same standards as they request of their suppliers. This is a key criterion for AIM-PROGRESS membership.


AIM-PROGRESS members cover the four pillars of responsible sourcing in their standards (Labour & human rights, health & safety, environment, business integrity) and are using common evaluation methods to reduce assessment duplication in the supply chain - one of AIM-PROGRESS' main objectives. To add legitimacy to the programmes most companies are using indpendent third parties to audit suppliers.


The report is internal and only available to AIM-PROGRESS members. Companies interested in becoming members are kindly requested to contact the AIM-PROGRESS Secretariat (katrin.recke@aim.be).