AIM-PROGRESS and CGF sign Memorandum of Understanding


AIM-PROGESS is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Consumer Goods Forum, an industry organisation which is leading the global fight against forced labour, and which many of the AIM-PROGRESS members are present.


AIM-PROGRESS and CGF have already been collaborating for several years on common goals related to responsible sourcing and sustainable supply chains. In 2016, AIM-PROGRESS publicly expressed support for the CGF’s Priority Industry Principles (PIPs) against Forced Labour, as well as the Social Resolution on Forced Labour. Through our Human Rights work stream and capability building efforts we are helping publicise and implement the Principles in our supply chains and operations.


The signing of this MoU represents a formal agreement to strengthen this key partnership and work together to co-organise and co-host supplier events in key geographies, and to share tools, resources and information.


AIM-PROGRESS’ extensive experience in organising supplier events will allow the CGF to extend their reach and further strengthen our awareness raising and capacity building efforts on addressing the core drivers of forced labour. In September 2017, the CGF and AIM-PROGRESS co-hosted supplier events in Bangkok, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These events enabled locally based suppliers and business partners to learn more about the industry’s responsible sourcing expectations and to  understand how the Priority Industry Principles can be better implemented in to business operations.


The MoU also states that the CGF and AIM-PROGRESS will collaborate to provide their respective members with resources, including guidance documents and tools.


We are delighted to strengthen our ties with the CGF and believe that this strategic partnership will enable us to accelerate the fight against forced labour, through the mainstreaming of the Priority Industry Principles in key geographical areas. It will also allow us to collaborate on other areas of key importance to responsible sourcing.