AIM-PROGRESS and EcoVadis enable supplier assessment sharing

AIM-PROGRESS and EcoVadis have launched a collaborative project whereby AIM-PROGRESS member companies will get visibility of suppliers assessed by ECOVADIS, with a view to reducing assessment request duplication.


The initiative has two pillars:

1) Six AIM-PROGRESS members, who are also members of EcoVadis, will be able to mutually access through the platform their supplier CSR ratings.


2) The rest of the AIM-PROGRESS membership will receive at regular intervals a list of suppliers assessed by these six companies, providing them with the opportunity to request suppliers to share these assessments (which the latter can decline).


The idea is to help reduce assessment duplication, similar to what is being done for on-site audits through the Mutual Recognition initiative. The new project will run as a pilot for one year, after which members will review the added value for manufacturers and suppliers.