AIM-PROGRESS collaborates with Sedex on responsible sourcing impact on workers

The mission of AIM-PROGRESS is to “positively impact people’s lives through our combined leadership of robust responsible sourcing practices throughout our supply chains”.

But how can this positive impact be measured? AIM-PROGRESS has launched a project, involving a number of companies under the leadership of Mars Inc., and with the support of Impactt Ltd, which has identified 13 key indicators relating to three key areas: 1) working conditions and rights; 2) job satisfaction; 3) quality of life.

AIM-PROGRESS has also teamed up with Sedex who are working on the same topic to avoid duplication and potential divergences. The proposed indicators are currently being reviewed and updated jointly. AIM-PROGRESS is now leading three pilot activities to answer the following questions: 1) How much of the data needed are we already capturing? One of the first sources being, of course, SMETA audits. 2) How much of the data can suppliers provide? 3) Are auditors able to provide the data?

The timeline for this project is to finalise the work during the second half of the year.