AIM-PROGRESS releases UNGPs training deck


The UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights (UNGPs) have triggered a change in perspective on how companies need to address supply chain risks. It is no longer just about impact of business on stakeholders with a focus on labor rights or the environment, but impact on everyone in the supply chain, especially vulnerable people or “rights-holders”. This includes looking at issues such as land, property, water or privacy rights, and meaningful engagement with groups affected by the business activities.


Companies need to alter their approach to responsible sourcing and what they expect of their supply chain partners. To help its members become more knowledgeable in implementing the UNGPs, AIM-PROGRESS organised two face-to-face training workshops together with human rights consulting firm TwentyFifty in 2015, and is now releasing an interactive training deck for companies to use internally and with their suppliers.


The deck is available for AIM-PROGRESS members and can be downloaded from the member zone of the website, in the WS Human Rights section.