AIM-PROGRESS strengthens membership criteria

As AIM-PROGRESS continues to mature, the mission to enable and promote responsible sourcing practices and sustainable production systems stays the same. The level of commitment however is something that continues to rise. With this, the membership body has taken the opportunity to strengthen the membership criteria by which they all abide and new member applicants are judged. This includes requiring all members to;

  1. attend at least one general membership meeting per year
  2. participate in the annual Responsible Sourcing Practices membership survey
  3. participate in the requirements of Mutual Recognition within 12 months of joining AIM-PROGRESS
  4. agree to (co)host at least one membership or supplier event every three years.

The pro-active approach of AIM-PROGRESS members in strengthening these criteria demonstrates the commitment to growing responsible sourcing practices and the leadership position the members of this group hold in the responsible sourcing sector. To see the revised membership criteria, click here.