AIM-PROGRESS Supplier responsible sourcing toolkit now available in Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin

Helping our suppliers understand and implement responsible sourcing, and explaining the benefits to their business, is the objective of the AIM-PROGRESS supplier toolkit, which has now been translated into Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin.


The toolkit, which was put together with the help of Partner Africa and AIM-PROGRESS members ABInbev, Coca-Cola and Diageo,  provides practical assistance on how to improve Productivity, Quality and Workforce Management – areas which are inextricably linked. People are a core and valuable asset for every business and in order to have an efficient, productive business, employees need to work in good conditions. Good working conditions go hand in hand with productivity, quality and efficiency as essential elements of building a sustainable and resilient business. The toolkit will enable suppliers to understand each issue and why it matters for your and their business, what is required, what that means in practice, and will also enable suppliers to assess their current situation and provide them with practical tools to make the necessary improvements.


The toolkit is focused on production suppliers of all sizes and locations. Although it will be particularly useful for manufacturing sites, the principles within it may be applicable to other non-manufacturing businesses.


For the English language, each chapter is available as a separate document with a brief introduction and endnotes and an action plan (so that the chapters can be communicated separately on a single issue to a supplier struggling with a particular topic). For the three new languages, it is available as a compact pdf file.