AIM-PROGRESS Systems Reference Document update now available for members

As part of AIM-PROGRESS Systems work, the Systems Reference document has been prepared to provide members with an overview of existing supplier assessment data sharing systems which are available to support responsible sourcing programmes. About 70 % of AIM–PROGRESS members use the services of Sedex, a collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data. Others use EcoVadis or rely on internal capabilities. AIM-PROGRESS does not mandate its members to use any specific platform. The systems reference document is aiming to help members to make informed decisions when they choose a platform.

The profiles available in the systems reference document are based mainly on publicly available information drawn from websites and other supporting documents. These profiles seek to highlight how these systems differ from one to another, not only in technical aspects, but also in relation to topics covered, data collection and ownership, risk analysis, integration with other services, governance and development, membership and charging structures.


It is important to note, that several of the systems are designed, or are evolving, to include multiple layers of a supply chain, promoting transparency and traceability within whole supply chains. Others are an integrated part of a broader ‘compliance management’ approach, offering complementary services such as auditing, training or capacity building.


The document is only available to AIM-PROGRESS member companies and can be accessed on the member zone.