Auditing competence - GSCP publishes updated reference tool

The Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) has released a new and updated version of its Reference Tool for Auditing Competence. This updated version reflects higher expectations from GSCP members towards the auditing industry and pushes to even higher standards of best practice in auditor competence for better quality audits.


Benefits across the industry and for workers: “Brands and retailers that want to safeguard human rights and decent labour conditions in their global supply chains need to know where the problems may be. Already the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights require this,” explains Jan Furstenborg, independent labour relations expert and member of the GSCP Advisory Board. “Social auditing remains their main tool in most countries and industries. The GSCP Reference Tool for Auditing Competence wants to make sure that auditing remains credible and serious. Setting minimum professional standards, it supports buyers and their suppliers as well as the auditing industry itself. It helps schemes and initiatives ensure that they offer services at the highest industry standards. Most of all it benefits workers, ensuring that social audits lead to remediation and respect for human dignity at workplaces. This is a great tool and will set high industry standards, complementing the GSCP Reference Code.


AIM-PROGRESS recognises the GSCP tool as a valuable reference document for its membership and encourages its members to align their audit competence requirements to the expectations set out in the document.