Human Rights is at the heart of what AIM-Progress do.

We help our members and suppliers build capability to ensure implementation of the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (UNGP), identify and work on solutions to common salient human rights our membership is experiencing in their day-to-day responsible sourcing work. Responsible and sustainable businesses should be aware of the impact of its commodities' sourcing strategies on human rights globally. The UN guidelines are being incorporated into policy frameworks around the world. AIM-Progress members aim to demonstrate leadership in applying the necessary due diligence to ensure that human rights are respected, that workers are protected and that any grievance is remediated.


Our Working Groups

AIM-Progress has four Working Groups around Human Rights identified as members priorities:


Human rights steering group

We have a Human Rights Steering Group (HRSG) to ensure alignment around all work areas as well as looking to the horizon on human rights trends to keep on our watchlist,

We have also been working on the following areas: