What is it about?

Responsible sourcing covers four pillars:

  • human rights & labour standards,
  • health & safety,
  • environmental management 
  • business integrity (bribery and corruption).

Whereas the first 3 pillars are already well established in supplier codes and assessments, business integrity is still “patchy”.

Why is it important?

With evolving legislation on bribery and corruption, e.g. UK Bribery Act, and perceived risks around audit fraud and auditor integrity, AIM-PROGRESS members need to address and strengthen the business integrity pillar in their codes and supplier assessments.  

How is it done?

The work stream has developed the following outputs for the member companies:

1) common elements to create off-the-shelf internal member guidance on supplier code wording,

2) guidance on how companies are ensuring supplier implementation of buiness integrity practices

3) business integrity training

4) due diligence protocol to address bribery and corruption at third parties.

Discussions are ongoing on how to imbed due diligence on business integrity in companies' responsible sourcing programs.

Our deliverables are available to AIM-PROGRESS members only.


Useful resources: