What is our objective?

AIM-PROGRESS seeks to promote responsible sourcing practices throughout the supply chain, with particular focus on increasing members' and suppliers' capability to implement robust responsible sourcing programmes. 


Why is it important?

AIM-PROGRESS wants to raise the bar for responsible sourcing in the FMCG branded goods supply chain. Building capability of all supply chain actors to enhance their responsible sourcing practices is a key driver.


What are we doing?

AIM-PROGRESS has developed the Responsible Sourcing Journey which provides a pathway for members and suppliers towards enhanced implementation of responsible sourcing programmes.


AIM-PROGRESS members are collaborating to deliver joint supplier capability building events to provide information, resources and tools to ensure suppliers understand and comply with responsible sourcing requirements. The events are organized by a number of co-hosting member companies, either physically or by webinar, and focus on a certain country/region.  From November 2009 to date, AIM-PROGRESS reached approx. 2600 companies through supplier events and webinars. There are a number of events in several geographies planned for the future.


Who is invited?

Focus is on packaging, ingredients, produce, promotional items and equipment suppliers of branded goods manufacturers. The number of invited suppliers depends on the event venue and number of co-hosting AIM-PROGRESS members. In line with anti-trust law, invitations are sent by the respective branded goods manufacturers to their supplier base, who are asked to register on-line. Supplier connections to buyers remain confidential.


Who can access the presentations made at those events?

Everybody can! All presentations are on the public part of the AIM-PROGRESS website, categorised by event (see 'supplier event presentations' on the right).


How do I know when and where the next event takes place?

Event participation is on invitation only. AIM-PROGRESS members send out invitations to their supplier base as events are scheduled.







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Responsible Sourcing Journey

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