Capability Building - Supplier Training Events and Regional Hubs

AIM-PROGRESS supplier events are organized globally to provide a forum for suppliers to learn, network and share best practices, while engaging with their customers. The intention is for suppliers to gain a better understanding of responsible sourcing issues, such as for example labour rights ,and take concrete action to drive change towards more sustainable supply chains within their own and extended value chains. So far, AIM-PROGRESS has organized 40 sessions globally, reaching over 4,000 companies. This year, we organised three supplier events in Mumbai (India), Sao Paolo (Brazil) and Shanghai (China), attended by 650 supplier representatives. More information can be accessed on our website.

In addition to these supplier events, regional AIM-PROGRESS hubs are being developed to connect and support local members and create a replication of the global hub, focused on specific local challenges. We currently have an APAC (Asia-Pacific) hub running, which is being coordinated by ELEVATE; discussions are underway to set up a pan-African regional hub.