Covid-19 and Responsible Sourcing - reference hub on AIM-Progress website

The disruptive effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is being felt across supply chains globally, and AIM-Progress members are faced with challenges in maintaining their supplier assurance approaches. Whilst on-site audits are being cancelled/postponed, companies are turning to remote assessment methods, such as self-assessment questionnaires (SAQs), desktop assessments and, more recently, virtual assessments, combining video-conferencing software, worker voice approaches and self-assessments.


Sedex, as one of the main platforms used by the AIM-Progress membership, is developing a number of tools to help companies cope with Covid-19 and supplier assurance; so is EcoVadis, another platform used by a large portion of our membership.


AIM-Progress has added Covid-19 hubs to its website to indicate useful resources to brands and suppliers, helping them navigate these difficult times. Have a look here for public reference, and here for member reference.