APAC Hub Learning Event: Rightsholders Perspectives – Understanding the Needs and Challenges

21 May 2024 online

A discussion facilitated by Embode on the challenges and needs of rightsholders

The discussion aims to foster a deeper understanding among civil society and non-profits and to support our members to meet the requirements of the UNGPs and other human rights legislation by putting people at the heart of human rights due dilligence.

Date: 21 May 2024
Time: 13:15 hrs Bangkok & Jakarta/ 14:15 hrs Kuala Lumpur & Singapore/ 11:45 hrs India/12:00 PM Nepal/8:15CET

Featuring Panelists:

  • Ashif Shaikh, Co-founder of Jan Sahas, advocates for safe migration and combating forced labor.
  • Shom Prasad Luitel, Founder of People’s Forum Nepal, focuses on policy reformation in labor migration.
  • Puvan J Selvanathan, Co-founder of MillionMakers, expert in business, human rights, and risk management.This session will provide a platform to understand the profiles of rightsholders affected by our supply chains and explore sector-wide remedial solutions in the Asia-Pacific context.

This event was member only. To learn more about AIM-Progress membership, get in touch.

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