Managing third party risk - New protocol on anti-bribery and corruption

AIM-PROGRESS members can now benefit from a new tool to enable a methodical approach to the management of 3rd party bribery and corruption risks.  This is different from other publicy available white papers in that it is focused on what to do, how to do it, and who should be responsible; it is therefore a practical method that can be followed


The work, which AIM-PROGRESS carried out with the company Consulting Ethic, was based on an in-depth survey of the membership to understand better FMCG companies' requirements in this area. The deliverable consists of a protocol and a supporting guidance paper on how to use the protocol.


The plan going forward is to assess the possibility of running a pilot to understand and report on the use of the protocol in real life and to provide an opportunity for refinements and additions. 


AIM-PROGRESS members can access the protocol and guidance document on the member zone of our website