Mutual Recognition gains momentum

"An audit for one is an audit for all" - this is one of the main tenets of AIM-PROGRESS and we are trying to implement this through our Mutual Recognition initiative. 22 members have now signed up to our joint principles, the latest newcomer being Hershey's. The recent round of establishing an audited suppliers list for sharing between participating companies was supported by 16 members and yielded a list of close to 7000 records. Members are now using this list to identify where audits have already been done, so that they can request suppliers to make these available, if they wish to, in order to avoid additional audits. This exercise is, of course, undertaken in strict compliance with anti-trust law. No information is shared which points to the customer-supplier relationship.  Our aim is to cover 35% of participating members' audit needs through this list. For more information how Mutual Recognition works please visit the relevant page on the AIM-PROGRESS website.