Mutual Recognition - reducing audit and assessment duplication

Supplier evaluations come in different shapes and forms, an they are an essential part of supply chain due diligence and assurance of compliance with responsible sourcing requirements. On-site audits are the most widely used method for supplier assessment with nearly 75% of the AIM-PROGRESS membership conducting third party audits. Our mutual recognition of audits framework supports companies in obtaining visibility of audits conducted, leading to 33% of mutually recognized audits in 2019, and lessening the cost and resource burden on suppliers. A list of 27,000 audited suppliers is available to participating members, updated twice a year.

In addition to mutual recognition of audits, AIM-PROGRESS also entered into a partnership with Ecovadis on supplier assessments, to enable visibility of suppliers who have been assessed by a group of seven of our joint members. This list was recently updated and contains over 5,000 records.