Capability Building - Supplier events held across Asia in 2017

AIM-PROGRESS organizes regular events globally to provide a forum for suppliers to learn, network and share best practices while engaging with customers on responsible sourcing. 

Capability Building - Exploring potential of on-the-ground improvement projects

Working conditions in the Mexican sugar industry are far from ideal, and brands sourcing their sugar from the region are already actively engaging to implement improvements. AIM-PROGRESS is now looking to give more impetus by facilitating collaborative improvement projects.

Mutual Recognition - Annual member benchmarking survey results

For the second year in a row, AIM-PROGRESS collaborated with BSR for the annual benchmarking survey about the state of responsible sourcing in the FMCG industry. The study seeks to show what the sector is doing on making their supply chains more responsible

Member Meeting - Kuala Lumpur October 2017

Nestlé hosted the third AIM-PROGRESS membership meeting of the year in Kuala Lumpur on 25-26 October. 

Mutual Recognition - 19,000 opportunities for mutual recognition of audits

One of AIM-PROGRESS’ main pillars of action is to facilitate mutual recognition of audits. We regularly update a shared list of suppliers audited by member companies to our common benchmark - the SMETA 4-pillar audit protocol  or equivalent. The shared list has grown to 19,000 audited supplier records 

Human Rights - Worker voice based impact measurement tool released

Measuring the impact on workers of our responsible sourcing activities is key to find out whether AIM-PROGRESS is actually “positively impacting people’s lives” - as stated in our mission. In a collaborative effort with Sedex and Impactt Ltd, AIM-PROGRESS wanted to get insights on three main areas: safety at work, respect at work, and sense of income security and progression.

Facilitating member engagement - AIM-PROGRESS Channel on M2030

In order to further enable and empower our members to exchange best practices, AIM-PROGRESS has initiated a one-year pilot with 2degrees and their online communication and engagement hub - the M2030 platform.

Governance and next member meeting

Two new AIM-PROGRESS work stream co-leads have joined the Leadership Team.