AIM-PROGRESS Achievements in 2018

AIM-PROGRESS looks back on an eventful 2018 with a good number of deliverables

The state of responsible sourcing among AIM-PROGRESS members – Annual benchmarking survey results 2018 (Data 2017)

A steady evolution of members’ responsible sourcing capabilities over the years

Capability Building – Regional focus and furthering knowledge through supplier events and the supplier business toolkit

AIM-PROGRESS regional hubs, supplier events, and business toolkit for suppliers...

How to help companies mature their responsible sourcing programs

The new Responsible Sourcing Journey (RSJ) - a blueprint for maturity evolution

On the ground collaboration – Leveraging common member interests and activities

Mexico sugar project now up and running

Mutual recognition of audits making steady progress

Mutual recognition of ethical/social audits remains one of the AIM-PROGRESS key priorities.

Measuring impact of responsible sourcing programs on workers - new tool

Worker Wellbeing Assessment Tool, a joint effort with Sedex

Collaboration with the Consumer Goods Forum

AIM-PROGRESS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Consumer Goods Forum

What does the future hold?

AIM-PROGRESS has started an in-depth discussion on our future identity, vision, strategy and work programme