Identifying Salient Health & Safety Risks within African Supply Chains

UPDATED10 Mar 2021

AIM-Progress together with Partner Africa have created the following document. as part of the Africa hub work.

Health and Safety has been flagged by the Africa hub members as a key area of concern. In addition, through Partner Africa’s audit and advisory work across the continent, Health and Safety, alongside Working Hours and Wages, arises as a key area of non-compliance and risk within workplaces.

This guide is intended to be used by AIM-Progress members when assessing the salient Health and
Safety risks within their African supply chains. The guide presents a more detailed overview of the
Health and Safety environment in each country than the corresponding poster, which can be used
as a quick reference point to understand risks in relation to the AIM-Progress Mutual Recognition

Furthermore it seeks to provide information on the Health and Safety landscape within eight key
sourcing countries in Africa: South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria and
Tanzania. By understanding the legal requirements within each country, as well as key international
obligations, AIM-Progress members can identify the salient Health and Safety risks within their
supply chains in these countries.

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