Responsible Sourcing through a Human Rights lens

Respecting Human Rights is part of the scope of what responsible sourcing means for AIM-PRORESS members. The UN Guiding Principles for Business & Human Rights (2011) have changed how responsible companies are looking at their supply chains. AIM-PROGRESS recognised this in 2012 and set up a specific work stream on the topic to teach members what this means for their sourcing approaches. The latest of the deliverables is a one day training course, co-organised with Twentyfifty, which took place on 24 March in London and was attended by 20 member companies. The workshop enabled participants to

  1. describe the implications of the UNGPs for responsible sourcing
  2. identify the key elements of a human rights program for the supply chain of their company (policies, codes, impacts, due diligence, remediaton, grievance mechanisms)
  3. articulate the main elements of a business case to colleagues
  4. generate ideas for future AIM-PROGRESS deliverables.

The workshop will be repeated on 22 June, on the occasion of the next AIM-PROGRESS membership meeting.