SMETA 6.0 - new common benchmark for AIM-PROGRESS mutual recognition of audits

The long-awaited SMETA 6.0 audit protocol has now been published by Sedex. This will become the standard SMETA methodology as of 1st June 2017.


The updated protocol has received extensive input from AIM-PRORESS to reflect evolving member requirements for assurance from suppliers on important new topics, including:


Universal Rights (Clause 0.A) – an introduction but not a replacement for a full Human rights assessment

Responsible recruitment (under Regular Employment) – Making recruitment practices more transparent – including migrant, agency and other recruitment practices

Measuring workplace impact – a set of common industry indicators to measure improvements in the workplace

Land rights – related to legal land tenure and free, informed, prior consent



A number of areas have been strengthened:


- Business Ethics – allows NCs to be raised

Living wage – additional questions to track the most commonly used living wage methodologies used

Modern day slavery requirements – additional questions on Modern Day Slavery Act requirements

Environment– additional questions on the monitoring of emissions and waste

Root Cause– new checks to define root causes

Transshipment– now included

- Fire Safety-  strengthened requirements and checks around the area of fire safety


SMETA 6.0 wll become the new benchmark for AIM-PROGRESS mutual recognition of audits.


For more information on SMETA 6.0, along with all related documents - such as the best practice guidance, measurement criteria, audit report format and corrective action plan format - please consult the Sedex website.