The Importance of Working Towards Living Wages through Collaborative Action: AIM-Progress releases Statement of Engagement

Working poverty is a reality worldwide. The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated even more existing disparities and vulnerabilities within our societies. This deepening of inequality presents an urgent threat to communities and economies and therefore, addressing living wages is now more necessary than ever.

AIM-Progress, a global initiative of fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers with common suppliers, joining forces to drive positive change in their supply chains, is working towards a living wage in global supply chains as part of its Human Rights agenda and focus areas
. Through its Living Wage/Living Income Working Group, AIM-Progress provides an important platform for sharing learning and developing best practices in a pre-competitive environment whilst identifying opportunities for collaborative action. The Working Group helps members to further leverage peer examples and good practices, thus enabling internal discussions and further engagement with suppliers. It also provides collaborative support and encourages the implementation of existing schemes and initiatives to further the uptake of living wages.


AIM-Progress exists to pre-competitively promote responsible sourcing practices and sustainable supply chains. By recognizing the importance of and working towards living wages in workplaces and supply chains, Aim Progress members are further contributing towards decent working conditions around the world” Rachel Cowburn-Walden, Global Director Human Rights, Unilever and Whitney Mayer, Senior Manager, Human Rights The Hershey Company and AIM-Progress Living Wage Working Group Co-Chairs.


Furthermore, AIM-Progress recognizes the importance of the existing work of organizations such as IDH - the Sustainable Trade Initiative, Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG), United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the UK Living Wage Foundation, and Living Wage for US, which have already paved the way with clear calls for pragmatic action that address the issue in a sustainable way and facilitates the distribution of tools and best practice. Clear, practical steps and roadmaps of those organizations are enabling members and other companies to take action towards closing the living wage gap.


To support its work towards Living Wage, AIM-Progress is releasing our statement of engagement on living wages, to highlight that living wages are a fundamental element of decent work and that reaching those is one of AIM-Progress’s key focus areas. It also underlines the role of AIM-Progress’ in supporting its members to work towards living wages. 


For more information please contact: Yael Fattal, Project Manager, AIM-Progress: Yael.fattal@aim.be




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