AIM-PROGRESS is open to


  • All FMCG brand manufacturers, both members and non-members of AIM and GMA, meeting the expectations of the members (with the exception of companies in the arms and tobacco industries)
  • Suppliers common to the AIM-PROGRESS brand manufacturers and meeting the expectations of the members
  • Exceptions are subject to majority approval by the AIM-PROGRESS Leadership Team


AIM-PROGRESS allows two forms of membership: associate member and full member.


Expectations of associate members

  • Support the Mission of AIM-PROGRESS
  • Attend at least one membership meeting per year (out of three)
  • Actively participate in at least one work stream or project
  • Participate in annual responsible sourcing practices membership survey
  • Hold themselves to at least the same standards as they require of their suppliers
  • Be current on membership fees:
    • 12,500 Euro for AIM and GMA members
    • 15,000 Euro for others

New members automatically join as associate members but can move to full membership once they fulfil the extra criteria.


Additional expectations of full members:

  • Within 12 months of membership participate in Mutual Recognition initiative, as set out in the MR membership expectations
  • Agree to support supplier and member capability building through (co-)hosting at least one member meeting or supplier event every three years
  • Be current on membership fees:
    • 7,500 Euro for AIM and GMA members
    • 10,000 Euro for others

If you qualify for membership and would like to join, please complete the membership application form.