AIM-PROGRESS members host supplier forum in Gurgaon, India

On September 26th AIM-PROGRESS convened a supplier forum in Gurgaon to promote responsible sourcing. The forum was sponsored by three AIM-PROGRESS members: The Coca-Cola Company, Reckitt Benckiser and Unilever and was attended by over 230 supplier representatives. The day-long event covered responsible sourcing requirements and included workshops on key challenges such as anti-bribery and corruption, health and safety, contract labour management, and wages and working hours. 



The morning plenary included an overview of AIM-PROGRESS, member programs as well as an update on SMETA 6.0. The law firm Cyril Shroff presented on corruption as a global issue which presents an obstacle to economic and social development around the world. The session outlined relevant Indian legislation, compared it to the global context, highlighted enforcement trends and the need for collaboration and collective action. 
Smaller interactive workshops were organised in the afternoon, covering health and safety practices within manufacturing facilities facilitated by Sentio Advisory Group, along with sessions on contract labour management and on wages and working hours led by Impactt. These workshops were designed to help factories identify steps to ensure the rights of contract workers and to proactively monitor and control working hours. The intent is to create a culture shift from overtime being ‘normal’ to overtime being an exception. 
Feedback was positive, with suppliers expressing support for the collaboration emphasizing a fruitful conversation throughout the day.
AIM-PROGRESS is an association of 42 Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies that seek to promote responsible sourcing practices and sustainable supply chains. Respecting people’s workplace rights is both a moral and a business imperative and is critical to preserving the trust in business. By working together, member companies focus on improving compliance performance while avoiding duplication of social compliance audits. 
AIM-PROGRESS organizes these events globally to provide a forum for suppliers to learn, network and share best practices, while engaging with customers. Since beginning these events, AIM-PROGRESS has organized over 20 such sessions globally, reaching over 3,000 people.  
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