AIM-PROGRESS releases third annual membership survey on responsible sourcing

Progress on responsible sourcing? Membership survey clearly says so!

AIM-PROGRESS is pleased to announce the release of its third annual member benchmarking survey. This tools serves as an internal barometer for the AIM-PROGRESS membership, providing for free, a wealth of helpful comparative data to drive member companies' programmes forward.

Data is gathered on areas ranging from budget and human resource information to audit numbers and reporting, all anonymised to comply with anti-trust and confidentiality requirements.

Some key highlights include:

  • Focus on responsible sourcing is on an increasing trajectory with 62% of members reporting increased resources being dedicated to this area in 2013;
  • Number of audits commissioned has increased by almost 50% showing the extent to which suppliers are becoming involved;
  • Greater emphasis is also being placed on remediation; the number of corrective action plans initiated to tackle non-compliances has doubled;
  • Audit fatigue is being reduced with more members reviewing and recognising fellow companies' audits through the mutual recognition mechanism;
  • 30% of companies have reported actually de-authorising suppliers to due non-acceptable practices, demonstrating the importance of responsible sourcing for the industry;
  • 80% of companies are conducting training with their suppliers, wich is a 40% increase from the first survey in 2011.


For more details please see the executive summary.