How to build a robust responsible sourcing programme

AIM-PROGRESS is pleased to announce the release of its Responsible Sourcing Journey (RSJ)  - a roadmap for companies in the FMCG supply chain to help them put in place robust responsible sourcing programmes. It lays out 5 stages of development: early - launched - mature - integrated - leading. These 5 stages represent a gradual shift of mindset from demonstrating commitment through assuring compliance to leadership through value-generation.


The RSJ is not meant to be a detailed manual but a tool to benchmark where companies are along their journey and to offer some guiding points on how one could move forward.


We will complement the RSJ through a Resource Library which will provide an easy to use entry to learning resources (tools, templates, training courses, videos, webinars, useful documents, etc.) to support companies along their journey. 


This RSJ is intended for both buyers and suppliers, on the principle that suppliers have a supply base and hence a responsible sourcing journey to follow too. 


It is available here for interested companies.