Measuring impact of responsible sourcing on workers - AIM-PROGRESS releases new tool

AIM-PROGRESS is pleased to announce the release of its new Worker Wellbeing Assessment Tool. This is a joint project with Sedex, and supported by Impactt Ltd, to measure the impact on workers of companies' responsible sourcing programmes.


The tool helps obtain insights into three main areas:


It differs from an audit in that it goes beyond compliance and measures issues that can be missed, such as worker happiness and safety. Understanding the views and concerns of people working in your supply chain provides valuable new insight into working conditions. The Worker Wellbeing Assessment tool combines direct worker feedback using a standardised reporting and collection system, as well as delivering insights using multiple implementation approaches.


More in detail, the tool:


We are pleased to make available three relevant documents for download: an explanatory brochure, a guidance document, and the actual tool (excel sheet).


The tool can be used with a range of different collection methods, such as mobile surveys or in-house collection methods. For mobile survey collection, &Wider and Laborlink are already familiar with the Worker Wellbeing Assessment tool. Other providers who are also available to conduct the worker survey include Ulula and Workplace Options.