AIM-PROGRESS Outlook 2020 and beyond

After just over 10 years of existence AIM-PROGRESS used 2019 to conduct an in-depth strategy review. Our agenda will evolve so that we can help companies meet civil society’s expectations, their responsible sourcing and business needs, as well as regulatory requirements. Moving forward, we will put greater emphasis on human rights and supply chain capability building, as well as further sharing and convergence of tools and best practices in responsible sourcing. Our objective being to demonstrate that our sector can have positive impact on people’s lives. The new strategic emphasis will imply a re-organization of the AIM-PROGRESS structure and way of working. Our first member meeting on 11-13 February 2020 in Amsterdam will be the opportunity to launch the new strategy and lay the foundations for our new ways of working. (Please note that our member meetings are open to member companies only; if you are an FMCG brand or supplier interested in finding out more about AIM-PROGRESS and potentially attending as a guest, please contact