Our aim as an organisation is to raise both the floor and the ceiling for responsible sourcing, helping our members, and their suppliers, put in place and execute robust responsible sourcing programmes. Two sets of resources are particularly relevant to support our members and their suppliers on their development path:

  • Responsible sourcing journey (RSJ) and related resource hub

Our RSJ is a blueprint on how to implement responsible sourcing from scratch. It comprises a four-step maturity scale, across four modules of activities. It is accompanied by a self-assessment tool which helps members find out where they are on the maturity scale (available here). An online RSJ resource hub to support members in their journey is now being developed for sharing and accessing specific resources that can help them navigate the challenges they face and increase their maturity level overall.


  • Supplier business toolkit and training deck

The toolkit was published in 2018 and explains to suppliers how good management practices, which FMCG brands and many first-tier suppliers require through their responsible sourcing policies, are an essential part of ensuring a sustainable and resilient business model. It was put together by Partner Africa, in collaboration with AB-Inbev, Diageo and The Coca-Cola Company, on behalf of AIM-PROGRESS. It is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin. The newly published training deck allows companies to communicate the content of the toolkit in a presentation style, and to tailor it to their needs. It is complemented by a user instruction manual. The documents are available on our website.