Our approach

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Practical action through sharing and co-creation

Advancing respect for human rights underpins everything that we do. We prioritise practical action, not just conversation, to create lasting change in global supply chains.

We recognise the importance of understanding the root causes of human rights issues. And we facilitate collaboration between brands and suppliers, build partnerships and networks to share ways of working, and build capability to unify and optimise approaches to responsible sourcing.

Priority focus areas

How we do it

Working groups

Every AIM-Progress member has to be part of at least one working group. Each group is established by and with members to advance one of our six focus areas.

Our working groups are unique in how they work, but share the same approach:


Sharing learning in a pre-competitive safe environment.


Co-creating responsible sourcing tools and resources.


Working together on projects to achieve positive impact.


Building meaningful collaborative relationships with like-minded organisations.

Our values

Our members are able to discuss common issues, learn from the experiences of peers and collaborate on overcoming shared challenges.

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We are member driven

Our work is for our members, by our members. Our leadership team is made up of members, all working groups are co-chaired by at least one member, our regional hubs are member-led, and our focus areas are set according to member priorities.

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We are solution and action focused

We prioritise practical action, not just conversation. Our work starts with analysis and ideas, and we move as quickly as possible into action to create lasting change in global supply chains.

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We are collaborative

We encourage our members to work together and build partnerships and networks to share ways of working and build capacity. Our working groups are there to promote collaboration between members.

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