Recruiting ethically to respect human rights

The ethical and responsible recruitment and supply of workers is fundamental to human rights.

We provide tools, advice and opportunities for members to share and learn from each other to respect human rights, and reduce the risk of forced and child labour in their supply chains. Preventing and mitigating the risk of forced and child labour in supply chains is a key part of a just transition for fast-moving consumer goods companies.

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Collaborating to provide tools and insights

We have collaborated with other leading industry bodies to provide our members with the tools and insights they need to recruit responsibly.

Members can use our Responsible Recruitment Interactive Mapping Tool, which we developed in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). It combines key initiatives, emerging standards, schemes, risk assessment tools and other programmes related to responsible recruitment and forced labour.

Our work with The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) on the Guidance on the Repayment of Worker-paid Recruitment Fees and Related Costs provides a tangible resource for businesses to maintain the principle that no worker should pay for a job. It offers practical guidance on the repayment of worker-paid recruitment fees and related costs when these become known within operations and supply chains.

As well as providing external expertise and encouraging members to share best practices, our work also helps them build capacity in responsible recruitment. They can do this through our collaboration with CGF and also through the APAC Hub. Member companies of this hub look at responsible recruitment and forced labour in Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Working Group

The Responsible Recruitment Working Group

A group that helps its members to:

  • advance their ability to drive responsible recruitment practices with suppliers, labour and service providers
  • make a link between purchasing practices and responsible recruitment
  • scale up responsible recruitment practices in Asia and the US through collaborative projects and best practice sharing