Providing the right tools for members to improve outcomes

We’re raising the bar for responsible sourcing in fast-moving consumer goods supply chains. To do this, we’re helping build the capability of all involved.

Ultimately, this will enhance responsible sourcing practices, ensure implementation of the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (UNGP), and improve the lives of workers and beyond.

A photo from an AIM-Progress member event. A male speaker addresses an audience in front of a screen. Group of AIM-Progress members in a workshop

We focus on capability building for:

1. Members

Our Responsible Sourcing Journey (RSJ) is the backbone of our capability building programme. It provides a blueprint to help member companies accelerate the development and implementation of responsible sourcing practices that positively impact people’s lives throughout their supply chains.  It enables companies to understand where they are on this journey and helps them identify and plan their future efforts more effectively.

We provide regular webinars, clinics, meetings and training that are open to all members. Example topics include exploring effective risk assessments and supply chain mapping, and developing robust human rights policies and supplier contracts. Webinars are held jointly with our Africa and Asia Pacific hubs where possible.

2. Suppliers

Suppliers can learn about complying with responsible sourcing requirements through our supplier capability building programmes and events. These are co-hosted by member companies with support from partner organisations, who provide the information, resources and tools. The events are either in person or virtual, and focus on a certain country or region. So far, we’ve worked with more than 3,000 supplier companies.

Our Supplier Business Toolkit is a key resource for suppliers. It provides practical support for workplace improvements, gives assistance on specific issues and helps suppliers provide decent work.

Working Group

Supplier Working Group

Our Supplier Group is open to supplier members only and provides a supplier perspective on AIM-Progress’ activities. It focuses on how suppliers can implement customer requirements, discusses convergence and mutual recognition and inputs into our work on purchasing practices. Our supplier members are clear that business partners need to work together to ensure a positive impact for workers and farmers.