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Keeping up to date with the rapidly evolving CSR legislation landscape – AIM-Progress releases its latest semi-annual update

11 Oct 2023

The legislative landscape worldwide to ensure business integrates corporate social responsibility, supply chain due diligence and overall respect for human rights and environmental protection into its decision-making is continuing to evolve at high speed.

AIM-Progress have been partnering with international law firm Ropes & Gray for several years now to provide semi-annual updates on the evolution of the legislative landscape with particular relevance for companies’ responsible sourcing strategies.

Download the autumn update on CSR legislation

We are pleased to release our autumn 2023 update for AIM-Progress members and to the wider business community and civil society. There have been quite a few developments since the last update, including proposed US state and federal legislation on eradication of forced labour and transparency in supply chains, climate reporting obligations in Switzerland and Singapore, as well as updates to the chapters on EU-based legislation, such as corporate sustainabilty reporting, the deforestation regulation, and the US Uyghur forced labour prevention act.

In addition to this update, you might be interested in the recent Ropes & Gray insights into UFPLA enforcement statistics released by US CPB end of September.

We will be organising a special members-only webinar with Ropes & Gray on 15 November 2023. If you are a company producing or distributing branded fast-moving consumer goods or supplying products, ingredients, packaging or raw materials and are interested in listening in, please contact us.

Download the autumn update on CSR legislation