Responsible sourcing efforts of AIM-Progress membership not hampered by Covid-19 pandemic

3 May 2022

The results of the AIM-Progress annual benchmarking survey on responsible sourcing practices of the membership came as quite a surprise: despite the Covid pandemic, AIM-Progress member companies demonstrated a high level of resilience and continued to enhance their responsible sourcing programmes and address systemic issues throughout 2020.

Like last year there is a continuous maturity progression on responsible sourcing with consistent improvements across many of the related benchmarking parameters, with 40% of members now in the top Leadership maturity range of the AIM-Progress Responsible Sourcing Journey!

Members consolidated the foundations of their RS programmes during 2020, with an increase in supplier assessments and successful remediation, and greater engagement with the extended supply chain. At the same time members strengthened their action on Human Rights with further investment in combatting forced labour in the supply chain.

Members reported active engagement with suppliers to protect workers’ health & wellbeing during the Covid pandemic and adapted their capability building approach.

Opportunities for action by AIM-Progress relate to measuring and monitoring the impacts of responsible sourcing initiatives on workers’ wellbeing, and grievance mechanism support, as well as driving living wage in the supply chain as an emerging area of focus. All three topics are already covered by specific AIM-Progress project activities and will provide the necessary support to member companies to further drive enhancements.

The survey results are exclusively available to AIM-Progress members.