Keurig hosts March AIM-PROGRESS membership meeting

The Burlington meeting held in March was the first of the three annual AIM-PROGRESS meetings that enable members to meet face to face, exchange best practices and involve themselves in the work streams. SIx highlights include...

Business integrity: managing third party anti-corruption risk

The AIM-PROGRESS Business Integrity work stream plans to produce a third party anti-corruption risk management protocol to assist member companies in managing corruption risk in their value chains. 

Human rights: AIM-PROGRESS releases UNGPs training deck

To help its members become more knowledgeable in implementing the UNGPs, AIM-PROGRESS organised two face-to-face training workshops together with human rights consulting firm TwentyFifty in 2015, and has released an interactive training deck for companies to use internally and with their suppliers.

Human rights: exploring common grievance mechanisms

Is it possible to develop jointly an ‘access to remedy’ across our shared supply chains in the consumer goods sector? AIM-PROGRESS, with the help of Shift, organised an exploratory workshop on 4 February in New York, bringing together numerous leading experts in the field of grievance mechanisms to scope out possible activities and learn what has been done so far.

Mutual Recognition: enabling mutual recognition of audits in an evolving world

As leading member companies of AIM-PROGRESS have begun to further enhance their supplier social & environmental audit requirements, the question arises of how mutual recognition of audits can be continued between companies with varying supplier expectations.

Global companies tackle forced labour

The Consumer Goods Forum, a global platform of retailers and manufacturers in the consumer goods industry, has recently adopted a resolution to fight forced labour. AIM-PROGRESS has committed to working with CGF to support this.

Impact measurement

"Positively impacting people's lives" is part of AIM-PROGRESS' mission. But how can we measure whether our activities are actually making a difference? To this purpose, AIM-PROGRESS has commissioned work with Impactt Ltd to identify a series of indicators and measurement approaches in three main areas: working conditions & worker rights, job satisfaction and quality of life.

Behind the Brands scorecard: Oxfam applauds measurable progress by food brands

In February 2013, Oxfam launched the Behind the Brands campaign to challenge the ‘Big 10’ food and beverage companies on their social and environmental policies and practices, and to amplify the voices of key stakeholders such as farmers, communities, consumers and investors calling on them to take action.

AIM-PROGRESS welcomes Bel Group as new member

AIM-PROGRESS is pleased to announce that Bel Group has joined its membership. Bel is an international cheesemaker, based in France, specialised in processed and semi-processed cheeses, in particular single-serving portions. 

Upcoming Member Meeting

The next AIM-PROGRESS membership meeting will be hosted by AB-Inbev on 21-23 June in Leuven, Belgium.