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The Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector and the Just Transition: The State of Play and the Road Ahead

UPDATED1 Feb 2023

Over the course of October 2022 through to January 2023, Human Level worked with AIM- Progress1 and AIM-Progress members to:

  • Identify current practices and trends among members in addressing and reporting on the links between climate change and human rights.
  • De-mystify the term ‘just transition’ for the FMCG sector, building on what other expert organisations are doing in this area.
  • Support the creation of a common understanding of the just transition for the FMCG sector, based on what member companies are already doing in the human rights/climate nexus space.
  • Provide reflections on a helpful role for AIM-Progress to play in the just transition space, ensuring the organisation builds on and amplifies work already being undertaken by peer organisations.

This study captures the results. It was developed by Human Level in close collaboration and consultation with AIM-Progress and its members. It followed a four-step process involving desktop review of AIM-Progress members’ public-facing materials, desktop review of just transition and the FMCG sector, a series of interviews with AIM-Progress members and experts, and consolidation of the findings into this study.

AIM-Progress and Human Level would like to thank AIM-Progress members for their participation in this study. The interviews were candid, open and informative. We gathered a significant amount of information through these conversations, with a number of respondents observing that this was the first time that they were sharing this kind of information. We would like to specifically acknowledge these members for their sharing, which in turn will help advance the field of practice.

We also would like to acknowledge the wealth of information and expertise that now exists on this topic, and we specifically thank our expert interviewees for their helpful and informative contributions and inputs.

Lead authors Anna Triponel and Malin Helgesen would also like to thank the AIM-Progress Secretariat, and in particular Louise Herring and Yael Fattal, for their helpful inputs and direction, and Human Level Advisors and Advisory Partners Ana Maria Uribe, Selwyn Coles, Jodie Tang, Maddie Wolberg and Séphora Kermabon for their support throughout the process.

This study serves as a starting point for AIM-Progress and its members to advance on in the field of just transition. It by no means seeks to be an exhaustive study of the topic for the FMCG sector. This report does not constitute legal advice.

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