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Launch of the AIM-Progress Living Wage Playbook for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Sector (FMCG)

22 May 2023

AIM-Progress is launching a practical guide to support AIM-Progress members, FMCG companies and beyond to build living wages into their supply chains. People working in poverty is a huge problem across the world. The right to a decent standard of living is a human right, and businesses play a key role in providing living wages to their workers. Living wage can help address this challenge, as well as the root cause of poverty, whilst it also may contribute to mitigating other human rights issues. Fairly paid workers are an integral part of a profitable, sustainable, and resilient business.

Our Living Wage Statement of Engagement, released in 2021, sets out our commitment to support members to implement living wages as a fundamental element of decent work. We recognised the trailblazing work that other organisations have already done on living wages, including IDH – the Sustainable Trade Initiative, Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG), United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the UK Living Wage Foundation, and Living Wage for US. We are dedicated to supporting our members to put the statement of engagement into practice through strategy and guidance, including the newly launched Living Wage Playbook.

The new Living Wage Playbook is a “how to guide” to help companies at different stages of their living wage journey. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the Playbook brings together publicly available case-studies and knowledge either already identified or developed as part of this process. Through guidance and practical examples covering own operations, as well as suppliers from tier 1 down to the source, the playbook will be an essential companion for organisations implementing living wages into their supply chains.

Download the Playbook here.

For more information please contact: Yael Fattal, Project Manager, AIM-Progress:

About AIM-Progress and the Living Wage/Living Income Working Group

In April 2021, AIM-Progress formed a Living Wage/Living Income Working Group, seeking to support members and their suppliers by developing practical guidance and tools to support and work towards living wages. AIM-Progress is a forum of over 40 leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies and suppliers, assembled to enable and promote responsible sourcing practices and sustainable supply chains. Together we have a global footprint and represent nearly $1 trillion in annual revenue. The goal of AIM-Progress is to positively impact people’s lives and ensure respect for human rights, while delivering value to our members and their supply chains.